CompTIA Training

We are a CompTIA Learning Alliance Partner. CompTIA is the leading provider of high quality, vendor-neutral content and certifications for IT professionals. CompTIA works with multiple delivery channel partners around the world to help IT professionals advance their knowledge, skills and career credentials in order to raise workplace performance levels. The partnership provides students to learn CompTIA technologies with CompTIA authorised Quality Content material.

CompTIA A+

Course Description: The CompTIA A+ Certification course is a basic necessity for anyone preparing for entry level Information Technology (IT), and Personal Computer (PC) Service Technician careers.  This course builds on your existing knowledge and experience with PC software as well as hardware.  Fundamental skills and concepts for real life on the job applications are presented.  Topics covered in the CompTIA A+ Certification course include installation, upgrade, repair, configuration, troubleshooting, system optimization, as well as preventative maintenance.

Course Objective: At completion of coursework, students will be equipped with the skills necessary to install, upgrade, configure, and optimize basic personal computer hardware and operating systems.  Skills for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance of the PC will be an inclusive part of the basic understanding gained.  Students who successfully complete the course will also be prepared for A+ and Comptia 220-602.

Benefits: Gaining professional certification is an integral part of success in the business world today.  Developed directly from the CompTIA A+, the A+ is an internationally recognized course covering both hardware and software skills.  Network+ certification assures employers that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to install, manage and troubleshoot a variety of networks on any platform.  Certification provides you credibility in your chosen field, and gives you an edge in today’s competitive job market.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computing concepts.  Functions of software components, operating systems, applications and file systems as well as elementary skills in Windows based PC systems are also required.

Duration : 1 month per module (3 Contact weekly)


CompTIA N+

The CompTIA Network+ Certification course builds on your existing PC operating systems and networks knowledge and experience.  This course provides fundamental skills and concepts that you will use on the job in any type of networking career.  Coursework covers information that will be helpful as you prepare for the CompTIA Network+ certification examination, 2005 objectives (exam number N10-003).

Course Objective: To enable the student the ability to identify and describe all major networking technologies, systems, skills, and tools in use today.

Prerequisites: Introductory course in a Windows operating system, or equivalent.  For those pursuing a CompTIA technical certification path: The CompTIA A+ certification is an excellent first step in preparation for CompTIA Network+ certification.

Duration : 2 month  per module (2 Contact weekly)


CompTIA S+

Course Description: The CompTIA Security+ Certification is the primary course for securing network services, network devices, and network traffic.  CompTIA Security+ is an international, vendor-neutral certification.
CompTIA Security+ Certification allows you to effectively cover your networks with the following:

Lesson 1: General Security Concepts
Lesson 2: Identifying Potential Risks
Lesson 3: Infrastructure and Connectivity
Lesson 4: Monitoring Activity and Intrusion Detection
Lesson 5: Implementing and Maintaining a Secure Network
Lesson 6: Securing the Network and Environment
Lesson 7: Cryptography Basics, Methods, and Standards
Lesson 8: Security Policies and Procedures
Lesson 9: Security Administration

Course Objectives: To successfully implement and monitor security on networks and computer systems, as well as effectively respond to security breaches.

Exam: Students will be prepared to take the CompTIA Security+ SY0-301 exam

Prerequisites: Basic Windows skills as well as an understanding of fundamental computer and networking concepts are required.

Course Hours: 28 Hours

Duration : 1 month (3 Contact weekly)