The OCA DBA 11g certification proves one’s expertise to perform all basic Oracle tasks for database administration or application development.  It is a basic Oracle qualification that helps candidates consolidate their skills to install, implement, administer and troubleshoot Oracle database, which in turn brings industry recognition.

IT professionals, armed with OCA DBA 11g certificate find it easier to get the job profile and salary as per their expectations.

The targeted audience for this credential includes database administrator, database analyst, and database developer

This certificate is a prerequisite for those IT professionals who want to graduate to Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) level and further move on to Oracle Certified Master (OCM) level.

Course Objectives

In this course, you install the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition Software, create a new database, and learn how to administer the database.

You also configure the database to support an application and perform tasks such as creating users, defining storage structures, and setting up security.  This course uses a fictional application.  However, you perform all the core tasks that are necessary for a real application.  Database administration does not end after you configure your database.  You also learn how to protect it by designing a backup and recovery strategy and how to monitor it to ensure that it operates smoothly.

Duration: 1 month per module (3 Contact weekly)